Saturday, September 22, 2012


Hello Friends,

Well, Mother Nature threw the proverbial monkey wrench into my bi-monthly featured kit events, but they will resume in October, so stay tuned here and on Facebook to see what is happening at Nini's Notions.

Most of you probably know that I live in S.E. Louisiana and we were right in the path of Hurricane Isaac.  Once again (thank God) our property was spared any major damage.  Tons of tree limbs and leaves to clear away but no damage to my residence.  However, many of my friends who live in subdivisions were not so fortunate and lost their furnishings and use of their homes due to the heavy unexpected flooding that had never happened before.  Many did not have flood insurance because they were told they were not in a flood zone.  We were without power for nearly 7 days.... some even longer.  Contact with others was sporadic.  Those who had smart phones were able to access Facebook periodically and let their friends and family know they were OK.  Text messaging was on and off.

Parish-wide (county-wide) cleanup is exceedingly slow.  Piles of downed trees and limbs and destroyed furniture line the streets of the subdivisions.  It will be a long time until life in our community returns to normal.  The very best news is that no lives were lost.  Hurricane season is not over yet.  Our local government has had a rude awakening with this Category 1 storm.  Even with all the technology available today you really never know until the very last minute what one of these monstrosities is going to do.  You need to expect the unexpected.... prepare for the worst possible scenario and hope for the best.  This was no Katrina, Rita or Gustave in terms of strength, but the devastation was just as bad, and the recovery time will be just as long.

Please pray for our residents and the trials they will be facing in the months ahead.  Thank you.

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