Saturday, August 9, 2008


I am so excited! We have a new member in our family! Her name is Tessa and she is an 8 month old, 90 Lb, chocolate Lab mix! She is so sweet! She thinks she is one of the teeny weiners! But she is kind of afraid of them too! LOL! It is really confusing, because my female weiner's name is Tess! So when I say, "Tessa" the little one comes too! I wonder how hard it is to change a dog's name at this age? We are both at a learning stage right now -- it has been over a year since I have owned a big dog. Here are a couple of pics of her:

Isn't she pretty? She is very well-behaved for such a young dog and totally housebroken! My husband wasn't too thrilled at first, but she loves him and is his new best friend. She likes to play and would love to sit on your lap if you would let her! I am hoping to get some pics of her outside so everyone can see how nice a dog she really is.

Little Tess is doing fine after her emergency surgery on August 1st. She has to go back and have her stitches removed on Friday. It has been hard finding food soft enough for her to eat (she had some major dental work done while she was under), but she has discovered that Vanilla yogurt is one of her new favorites! She also likes the baby food dinners! I can't wait until she is back to normal and eating regular dog food again. It is like cooking for a picky family -- 3 dogs, 3 different meals! LOL!

Don't forget to stop by this week and pick up your new freebie from Nini's Notions! It will be up tomorrow morning!


  1. Congratulations on the new family member! As for changing her name, it shouldn't be too difficult. We've changed the name of every critter we've adopted into the family, including some who were six or seven years old at the time. As long as you're consistent with the new name, she'll catch on. Rewarding her with food when she responds to the new name will hasten the process.

  2. What a gorgeous girl! I would definitely change the name (think of how many animals end up in shelters with a name no-one knows and must learn a new name when adopted, at any age!) but you'll have to be careful since she can easily confuse herself with the other Tess.